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Benedict's Eggs - Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

If you're as indecisive as I am, then the menu at Benedict's Eggs may overwhelm you at first glance. The pages are filled with one delicious sounding dish after another. I've visited Benedict's a handful of times, at varying hours throughout the day, and have never managed to make it to the lunch section of their menu. Just to give you an idea of the size of their menu. There are just so many awesome sounding breakfast dishes begging to be tasted that you'll probably already have one picked out for your next visit. Every satisfying breakfast dish laid before me by the warm staff makes you feel like you're at home eating a meal cooked with love.

Take for example, the breakfast tacos with chorizo pictured here. Don't let its slightly unappealing appearance discourage you from ordering this mouthwatering plate. All of the key players in a breakfast taco dish are present, from the fluffy scrambled eggs to the sliced avocado, with corn and bean salsa on the side. Adding the chorizo, if you indulge your carnivorous side, will make these overstuffed tacos a bit messier, but well worth the mess. The sausage adds more depth and flavor to the dish, bringing it to another level of tastiness. Whatever you decide to order, make sure to opt for the breakfast potatoes as your side. This side dish, which comes with most of the meals, has a distinct, smoky flavor, making them the best taters I've had outside of my home and one of my favorite things about Benedict's.

If you can't make up your mind on what to get, a safe and sure bet is to order one of the specials, as did Dylan, with his Bailey's-stuffed French toast. It may look like ordinary French toast, but judging from the noises of food bliss emanating from across the table, it's anything but. Other specials I've tried in the past, like the unusual sweet potato omelet and the poached eggs with asparagus and prosciutto, have never steered me wrong either. Benedict's friendly, homey atmosphere and, above all else, it's excellent food, will have you coming back until you've tried the entire menu - something I hope to accomplish as my food journey continues.

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Gallery image: Benedict's Eggs - Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Gallery image: Benedict's Eggs - Decisions. Decisions. Decisions. Gallery image: Benedict's Eggs - Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

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