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Church Street - Righteously Good Beer

The Church Street Brewing Company have coined a tag-line that does their beverage justice. Tonight I had the luxury of being part of one of their Friday night 4p-7p open houses. Currently it is their only hours of operation, but you'd be amazed and what can be accomplished in 3 hours. I managed to taste two of their exemplary elixirs and both were a pleasure. To top it off, there was a food truck serving delicious cheese based snacks and sandwiches. Don't worry meat lovers, there was lots of bacon and other hot meat.

The Church Street Brewing Company is locally (to me) located in Itasca Illinois at 1480 Industrial Drive, Unit C. You can also find them online at http://www.churchstreetbrew.com/, or check out their Facebook Page. If you would like more info on the Mobile Eatery, as they call themselves, visit http://www.toastycheese.com/. Hopefully I can make it back there next Friday and I'll do a little feature on their delightful dishes.

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